This course is accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists™ (NGH)

As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist you can make a difference in people’s lives by teaching them how to heal themselves.  This is my passion; I am very excited to offer this course.  




  1. FULFILLMENT: Feel personal satisfaction about helping others or personally apply learned techniques to change your life!

  2. VALIDATION: Certification validates and affirms your training.  Create relationships with like-minded people. 

  3. VALUE: Certification allows you to create a second career and opens the doors to earn extra income.

  4. PROFESSIONAL: Gain unique access to professional group resources.

  5. ENHANCE: Your current medical, dental or alternative practice by learning and utilizing hypnotic suggestions.

  6. EMPOWER: When the medical prescriptions have failed; learn to connect to your own inner healer. 

                                                           Who is participating in this training?

      Psychologists, Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Massage therapists, Coaches, Police officers

Offering the best rate in Chicago for Certification Training!

First two registered will receive a $100 discount off of tuition or one private session with Funda.

This customized course includes:

  • NGH manuals, scripts, support materials and resources.  Certification upon completion and one year membership

  • This course is “hands on.”  Experiential exercises, personal instruction, private sessions with instructor and voice training.

  • Integration of other modalities: Huna Philosophy/ Introduction to Blue Prints for the Soul, Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy Psychology, Inner Child Connection, NLP, Chakra Opening, Ancestral Clearing, Body-Mind Connection, and Law of Attraction

  • Life time coaching and assistance

  • Fun and exciting information.  Great friendships.  Graduation party after final exam.

  Thursday, March 30th – Orientation Day

  Certification Course - April 1, 2017 – June 3, 2017

  Flexible Scheduling Available – Call 847.971.1221 for details. 

Create the life you desire

Or help others find their own healing-light