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EZ Tapping


Tapping is a safe, gentle, and highly effective self-help technique to reduce stress, address limiting beliefs, and remove emotional blocks that prevent us from living a full, peaceful and happy life.


When you tap on the points, you gently tap on each tapping point as illustrated. You tap approximately seven times or about the same time it takes to read the statement. You don't need to tap hard, a light touch is sufficient. Once you practice a few rounds, the tapping points become second nature.  You can't get it wrong, so don't worry if you stay on one point. Take your time. The most important thing is to allow yourself to feel your feelings. Let the feelings surface, that means they are ready to shift and release.


Many people stop tapping simply because they don't know what to say. They get stuck with the words and miss out on what could be a life transforming experience.


With EZtapping you don't have to worry about what to say when you are tapping. The EZtapping tool is designed to support life transforming changes in no more than five minutes every day. Imagine the value of creating change in as little as 2 ½ hours total time, after struggling for years!


If the words don't fit your situation or feelings exactly, you can either change them to suit your situation more or tap along.  You will still benefit even if the words do not match you perfectly.


As Needed - In the Moment Programs

There are two types of programs, one is a daily program listed under the As Needed - In the Moment Programs header. These programs are designed for "in the moment" issues. For example, you are feeling intense emotions or have a specific situation that needs addressing. You can do these daily programs anytime during your day and as often as you want. Different than the 30 day programs, the aspects or statements do not change.


30 Day Programs

The 30 day programs have different aspects where you tap several rounds on a specific "aspect" of the problem you want to overcome. Think of the problem like a diamond, with many facets. When we tap every day on a different aspect, we get at the underlying issue from different angles and enable resolution much more quickly. By being as specific as possible with tapping, the results tend to come quicker and last longer. While a specific problem might have varied "aspects", the aspects on the EZtapping website are the most common ones and address the majority of people's specific aspects or beliefs. In some cases, you might need to work one-on-one with a trained EFT Practitioner to unveil the specific aspects of your issues.


Rating the Statement

When you log in, you'll see the statement or the aspect written as a statement of belief. When you read the statement, think how true it is for you. Then, using your intuition, (there is no right or wrong answer) rate how true it is on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being absolutely true and 0 being totally false. Write down the number on a piece of paper.If the statement doesn't fit with an "aspect" relating to you specifically, that's fine, continue with the tapping rounds. Start doing the tapping rounds as outlined on the screen. You can do the round displayed on the screen and then either continue on to the next round by clicking NEXT or going back a round by clicking BACK. At any time you can restart the rounds by clicking on the RESTART ROUNDS button.


Email Reminders

Each day you'll get an email reminder to do your five minutes of tapping. This can be done any time of the day. The important thing is that you tap every day. You decide what time of day you want the email reminder and then you simply log in and start your program.


Feeling Emotions

During the tapping rounds some intensity of emotion might occur. This is good and expected. It means you're bringing up the emotions so they can be cleared and shifted.


If you're experiencing intense emotion, keep tapping while feeling the emotion until it decreases and then continue with the tapping rounds. You are responsible in all cases for your own personal well-being. If, at any time, you experience a level of intensity that is overwhelming, you may want to consult an experienced EFT practitioner for one-on-one support. 


Once you have completed the number of rounds for this specific aspect (they vary from 3-7 rounds), click on the FINISH button. You can do the rounds as many times a day as you want. Trust how you feel.

Once you click "finish", the "aspect" statement will appear again. You will be asked again to rate the truth of the statement on a scale of 0-10. The goal is that the number will have decreased.


You might be surprised by how much the score goes down. Sometimes it might even go up. That's OK too. The goal is to keep tapping until the rate goes down or you feel complete for the day. Again, trust yourself, you CAN'T get this wrong.

You can login as many times in one calendar day as you wish to do the tapping rounds.

It's important that you tap daily (Click HERE to see --->>>WHY 30 DAYS). When you log in every day, a new aspect will be displayed for you to clear.


Keep trusting yourself. Monitor how you feel overall and how your beliefs and behaviors are shifting or improving.


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