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Hacking Into Happiness

About a year and a half ago, my close friend, Dr. Evan Lipkis, a physician who has authored several books about healthcare, approached me about a new book he was preparing to write. The subject was something that immediately got my attention. The goal of the book was to describe a direct and simple way to achieving happiness.  

A great part of my professional work is to give my clients a blueprint that is easy to access and use  (in the same way a mantra is easy to remember and use) in their lives so that they can heal themselves. Understanding his goals, I agreed to contribute and “Hacking Into Happiness” born.

He was especially aware of my use of the Huna philosophy that I use in my client care as well as my work with the Inner Child, and how they affect our lives. It was a pleasure to help give people an easy to follow system so that they might be able to  ‘Hack into their 

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