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Did you know: each and every one of us experiences natural hypnotic states twice a day? Immediately before sleep, and just before waking up, your brain emits slow-wave delta and theta frequencies. During these short windows of suggestibility, the subconscious mind is ready to accept the specific affirmations crafted per the individual's needs. Due to the literal nature of the subconscious mind, tailoring a suggestion is a critically important process – what is said will be interpreted as is, and the mind will manifest accordingly.  

In creating good suggestions, a set of criteria must be followed. A suggestion is well-crafted if it is 1) simple, 2) believable, 3) present tense, 4) positive, and 5) accepted by "the ego".


Once the suggestion has been established, repeat it 30 times every night for a period of 30 days once a state of relaxation has been achieved; rehearse the suggestion and anchor it deeply in your subconscious while touching your finger tips. You are planting seeds in the garden of the mind.


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