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Therapy Sessions

Individual Therapy

We often have experiences that, knowingly or unknowingly, leave an impression on our subconscious. This impression, if negative, can literally hold back our inborn ability to achieve and succeed. It becomes our belief system.


Executives, athletes, parents, spouses, etc., all have goals and aspirations. Subconscious mind, with its negative belief system, can keep your true potential locked away.

Teenagers are among my most commonly treated group. Embarrassing habits, anxiety, and behavioral challenges can all be addressed successfully and confidentially via hypnotherapy. 

Once you have attained freedom from your old belief system, using hypnosis, EFT, HMR and other techniques, I teach you to employ these tools on your own to ensure your ongoing success. 

During our work together you will learn self-hypnosis, sleep-hypnosis,

progressive relaxation, parts therapy through your inner child-ego and consciousness, chakra clearing, EFT and color psychology. 

Group Therapy

Confronting life’s challenges can sometimes be daunting, which is why I recommend my clients experience hypnotherapy and emotional freedom technique with family, friends, or even co-workers. The mutual support of a group of people trying to stop smoking, lose weight  or deal with common stress, for instance, is invaluable.

In addition to being very effective, group hypnotherapy and EFT sessions are available at a reduced rate.

Family and Couples Coaching

Please contact me for more info.

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