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Me at the age of 2.5

My story...

Whenever I visit websites for help in my life (physical, emotional or spiritual)and try to learn more about the person who will conduct the training or therapy, I usually see a list of their achievements, degrees, credentials and recognitions. That is important, but I want to know who they are and what led them to the place they now occupy.


They rarely share the struggle that led them to their wisdom. Most people don’t reveal that. As humans, we are often feel insecure about exposing our vulnerabilities, so we hide them. We feel that, by exposing our soles, we make ourselves vulnerable…scared…and unsafe!


I want you to understand more about me before you decide whether to work with me. Your decision should be made by understanding why I am doing what I am doing, and how I came to this point in my life. 

It may be a little unconventional, but I want to explain a bit about my background before my ego gets in the way and starts to share my accomplishments.


I was born in Istanbul in 1956. My parents divorced when I was only 2 and, believe it or not, I vividly remember all of the details of their separation. They were standing on either side of me on a bridge and fought bitterly, as neither of them was willing to take me. Until I went away to college I was subjected to constantly physical and verbal abuse  from my mother. She had deep seated rage and frustration about unfulfilled hopes and dreams, and most of the time, took her bitterness out on me.

My mother left me with my grandmother, so she could make a living with her tailoring skills. That turned out to be  the best thing she could have done to me.


While living with my grandmother, I grew the roots I needed for survival for the rest of my life!!! My heavens! My grandmother’s fruit and rose gardens were my sanctuary and salvation. This was where I grew, building my dreams and decorating them with love! She was my angel and still is! The love I received became the pillar of my life. In addition, on a daily basis, she taught me lessons in life. She taught me love, patience, respect honor and gave me the wisdom of her life’s experiences. (Cooking, cleaning, sewing, repairing a big Hoover vacuum J, Singer sewing machine and a grandmother clock) I lived with her until I was 8 years old.​

With my grandma at age 5

“The unknown energy that can help humanity is that which lies hidden in the child.” 

– Maria Montessori 

When I was 6, my mother married with an alcoholic. One night he came home drunk (she used to take me to live with her for a week once every 3 months or so), and tried to throw me out of the window because I was on his side of the bed. I was sick with a 102 fever, so my mother wanted to keep me by her side. A physical fight started between my mother and her husband as she struggle to tear me from his arms. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and she ended that marriage.

When I was 8, she married a man who became my father for the next 17 years. I was taken from the loving and nurturing arms of my grandmother and transferred to what felt like a prison. They decided to send me away to a boarding school. The experience of dropping me off at the cold dorm room and saying “I am a big girl now and I can take care of myself” felt like a scene from a movie I was unable to escape… it

haunted me for years. My soul was dead and I start grieving for my loss!


During the first year at boarding school, I began experiencing symptoms of anaphylactic shock, with frequent episodes of swelling of my lips, tongue, throat, etc. I was ultimately diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called “angioneurotic edema”. We were told the root cause was likely stress. Imagine, what could a 9- year- old be stressed about to cause these symptoms!

Nobody paid attention to my drawings in my dairy…it showed my tomb stone:“Funda Guvenkan 1956-2000.” I was 9 years old and felt hopeless!


Me at the age of 3.

At age 18 I wanted to reconnect with my biological father, whom I did not see since I was 2 years old. Until that time most of my experiences with him (in the last one year) were in writing, as he had moved to Belgium and had not visited in many years. I really did not know what to expect, but after living with him, I discovered he was an abuser, as well. I ran back to home.

I returned to Istanbul with a heavy heart, filled with disappointment, abandonment (again), hurt, and anger. These fresh wounds prompted me cut him out of my life forever.


I focused my career, was accepted in to the College of Dentistry, and ultimately became an oral surgeon. During my time in the university, at age 21, I got married. I had a beautiful relationship for 12 years until I discovered my husband was sleeping with his secretary and I decided to end my marriage.

Then my mother’s 3rd marriage ended the day she discovered he had been cheating on her. I lost the father I knew since I was 9 and never got in touch again.


I was a teaching assistant in the oral surgery department of my dental school and wanted to start my PhD on implantology. I went to Gothenburg, Sweden, to take course led by the creator of the first successful dental implant system. This was just beginning to get international recognition and was at the cutting edge of dentistry.

My current husband, who is also an oral surgeon from Chicago, attended the course and we met there. Kismet!!


After I returned from the course, I was involved in a horrible car accident. I broke my back, ribs, knees, had facial injuries and lacerations, and a perforated lung…bleeding in my abdomen. I was in coma for 2 days. At the scene of the accident and during coma I had multiple “out of body experiences”

After a series of surgeries, I slowly began to return to life, but my initial recovery took at the hospital, over 2 months. During that time, I was bedridden, unable to walk, and isolated in a hospital….800 miles away from home. As time went on, I realized I would ultimately recover and was so grateful to know I was going to spend my life in a wheelchair.

From that time, it was clear to me that this life was a gift, and I wanted to begin my life anew. The day I left the hospital I weigh  68lb.

My autoimmune disease, which had been quiet all that time, resurfaced. My consciousness of the stress and unhappiness was obvious!!! Once again, I suffered tremendous abandonment and hurt at age 32. This reactivated my childhood pains so as the autoimmune diseases.

I was examined, had numerous tests and screenings, and was diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome, Hashimato’s Thyroiditis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The doctors recommended I begin taking series of drugs to treat these conditions and continue using them for the rest of my life. Many of these powerful drugs had severe side effects, including cancer.


Then my mother’s 3rd marriage ended the day she discovered he had been cheating on her. That was another betrayal I experienced from a father!


I decided to attend an international dental conference, which was being held in Chicago before attempting to open my private oral surgery office in Istanbul, Turkey. My inclination was also see the oral surgeon I had met in Sweden and get to know him better. After a couple of years of visitations back and forth we decided to marry.

We have been happily married since 1989 and have been blessed with two sons.


After we married, I began working with my husband in his oral surgery office. I constantly witnessed our patients express their fears, anxieties, panic attacks and emotions on an almost daily basis. I saw the release of their built-up emotions, even when there was no pain and the surgery was going perfectly.


I always knew deep in my heart and soul that there was more than this…it’s not only the physical body…I wanted to explore what was going on under the surface and learn if there was a way to address these issues in a non-pharmaceutical way. (I remembered my grandmother’s prayers, while holding my head between her hands, that took away my migraines when I was little!!) I wanted to find out how I might be able to help to ease the emotional pain, childhood fears, and phobias that were triggered in the dental environment.



My son Jon.


My son Deniz.

Strangely enough, I began receiving emails about hypnosis classes even when didn’t understand or know about the science. I had reached out to no one. They just began to appear. After deleting many of them, I intuitively realized that the Universe was showing me what I was asking for (Law of Attraction!). I then began the journey that has led you to me


Over the next several years, I took the necessary courses to become certified as a facilitator of hypnosis and have never looked back. I first started by working on my own emotional and physical challenges. I never used any drugs that were prescribed during my healing process. Once I understood how hypnosis and body-mind connection worked for me, I wanted to teach this technique and become an instructor and was certified by the National Guilt of Hypnosis (NGH).


When one door opened, another one followed, and I discovered that an endless source of information and learning was available. I became certified in a wide variety of techniques, giving me many, many tools to use in helping clients heal themselves.

However, everything changed when I became involved with Arche International. My spiritual journey started with the introductory course, Blueprints for the Soul and Mind. It tied all of my earlier experiences together. It allowed me to heal myself once I understood the nature of the mind and soul connection through Huna Philosophy.

I then integrated this work in my hypnosis training, as well as Emotional Freedom  technique (EFT), NLP, HMR, Emotion Code, Theta Healing and Ancestral Clearing and Knowledge. I became certified with 3 different masters for Medical Hypnosis and started to work on myself.

Today I don’t even use Tylenol to ease my pain…I use my mind!!!! With this knowledge and my experiences, I simply could not keep all of this to myself. I want to share this and apply the techniques I mastered. I want to teach you to use your mind. This will allow you to overcome challenges in any aspect of your life.                                

This is what I am doing and why I am doing it. My passion is to teach you to have a better life, be in better relationships, have better health and career using the power of your mind, with the help of these techniques.

My tool box is full! If one doesn’t work I will use another one. I guarantee I will give my best effort to teach everything I know to m y clients. However, positive results can’t be guaranteed if they are not willing to follow my instructions and make a commitment to heal themselves. If you are ready to do the work, follow my instructions, and commit to heal yourself.


I am eager to help you heal yourself. I hope you will allow me to privilege of sharing these gifts with you.

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