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TELSI Method

If you used Emotional Freedom Technique and did not have complete success of releasing the old traumas, utilizing the TELSI method will bring you 100 % success in using EFT. 

T :Title

E: Emotion

L: Location

S: Sensation

I: Intensity


Title of the story: Pick a story from your time line and give a title.


Emotion is rising up when you are talking about it. Name the emotion.


Where do you feel the emotion in your physical body?


What kind of sensation you are feeling at the location ?. Ex: tightness, pain, tingling, pulsing, heat, etc.


What is the intensity of the sensation ranging from 0 to 10. The goal is to bring it down to 0 no matter where you start.


*Being aware of the domino's effect is another important key to utilize this method successfully.

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